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Snow Pass 23-24



Your 2023 - 2024 Snow pass will be valid from the first operating day in December 2023 through the last operating day in March 2024. There are no black-outs or restrictions for using your pass as long as we are operational. 

In addition to unlimited skiing or riding at Yawgoo Valley, you will receive 3 visits to each of our Freedom Pass partner resorts. Partner resort lists can be found at The final partner list is subject to change without notice based on partner resort participation. List to be finalized in Fall 2023. 



  •      Always stay in control.  You must be able to stop or avoid people or objects.
  •      People ahead or downhill of you have the right-of-way.  You  must avoid them.
  •      Stop only where you are visible from above and do not restrict traffic.
  •      Look uphill and avoid others before starting downhill or entering a trail.
  •      You must prevent runaway equipment.
  •      Read and obey all signs, warnings and hazard markings.
  •      Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
  •      You must know how and be able to load, ride and unload lifts safely.  If you need assistance, ask the lift attendant.
  •      Do not use lifts or terrain when impaired by alcohol or drugs.
  •      If you are involved in a collision or incident, share your contact information with each other and a ski area employee. 



START SMALL - Work your way up.  Build your skills.

MAKE A PLAN - Every feature.  Every time.

ALWAYS LOOK - Before you drop.

RESPECT - The features and other users.

TAKE IT EASY - Know your limits.  Land on your feet.

  •      One user on a terrain park features at a time.
  •      Inspect terrain before using and throughout the day.
  •      It is your responsibility to control your body on the ground and in the air.
  •      Always clear the landing area quickly.
  •      Never jump blindly. Look before you leap.
  •      Use a spotter when necessary.
  •      Do not jump out of chairlifts.
  •      Do not build your own jumps.
  •      Be courteous and respect others.
  •      Do not use rude language and/or behavior.
  •      In jumping and using this terrain in any way, you assume the risk of serious injury.
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23/24 Snow Pass First Family Member

First Family Member

23/24 Snow Pass Second Family Member

Second Family Member

23/24 Snow Pass Third + Family Member

Third + Family Member

23/24 Snow Pass Military | Active Duty & Immediate Family

Active Duty and Immediate Family ONLY

23/24 Snow Pass College Student

Full-Time Rhode Island College Students - Proof of enrollment is required at time of pickup.

23/24 Snow Pass Toddler 5 & Under

Toddler 5 & Under