Conditions of Use

I understand this purchase is non-transferable and non-refundable. No refunds or credits will be given on any pre-purchased products, even if they are not picked-up or used. All tickets, passes, lessons, or products issued by Yawgoo Valley Ski Area are NON-REFUNDABLE, NOT TRANSFERABLE and expire on the specified date and/or at the end of the ski and snowboard season at Yawgoo Valley Ski Area during which they were purchased. 



January Lesson Program 2021 Terms, Policies, & Conditions.


Anyone absent from class for a medical reason will be issued a credit in the form of a Yawgoo Valley Gift Card (only for the value of the class or classes missed due to illness or injury). Refunds, make-up classes or other credits will not be issued for any other personal reason. See our sick policy below.


If you, your child, or any member of your household is experiencing fever, nausea, cough, sneezing, body aches, fatigue or any other unexplained symptoms or if you may have been exposed to COVID-19 or someone who is sick, you may not attend classes.Any student failing to stay home with known exposure to or presenting symptoms of COVID-19 will result in disenrollment of any remaining classes without refund.

  • Absences due to suspected medical condition (COVID-19, other sickness or injury will be refunded ONLY in the form of a Yawgoo Valley Gift Card credit to be used for future tickets, lessons, rentals, Pro Shop purchases or food.  You are required to provide a physician’s note acknowledging the illness and permission to return to class.  You will be issued a credit for missed class(es) once we receive your physician’s note.
  • Students that fail to provide a physician’s note or recent negative COVID-19 test, will be not be permitted on property to attend class for up to 14 days and forfeit any lessons missed without refund or credit.
  • Unexcused absences due to personal reasons, not including facility closures, will not be made-up, credited or refunded. Please consider your schedule and your transportation prior to committing to the program as we typically do not close for snowstorms or other snow sport related weather.


With-the-exception-of medically excused absences, all registration payments are FINAL.


Chairlifts are limited to two seats. We ask that customers that come together, ride together. Given that physical distancing will not always be possible during the lesson, such as when a group rides lifts, students are asked to wear their face covering and ride with the same group buddy each time where possible. Chairlift riding classes will NOT be offered for Kinder & Mini age groups.  Should your child have intermediate or advanced experience at this age level, you are encouraged to take private lessons.


The success of our programs is built on creating groups of a similar age and ability.  These determinations are made by the Snow sports School Supervisors. Due to restrictions in space and social distancing, we will not be able to guarantee any special requests for lesson placements.


Helmets for purchase will be available by fitting the appointment beginning early-November. We do not rent helmets and they are not included in any rental equipment package. Fitting information will be announced sometime in October.


We are a weather dependent facility. We rely solely on our own snow-making capabilities.  We reserve the right to close without notice as deemed necessary by management for the safety of our guests and staff as well as for the preservation of snow conditions.

In the event of a closure, guests will be notified via our website under our daily operations report as well as via social media and email. We are working on a text-alert system, but this does require you to opt-in via your device. Additional details & plans will be included in later updates. All scheduled classes that experience a ski area closure will have a class added to the end of the originally planned final class date.


Fittings are necessary for all students that will be renting equipment from Yawgoo Valley. This ensures both a proper, comfortable fit and will prevent any delays on class day. At this time, we are still determining the safest rental fitting process. We are planning to offer fittings by appointment beginning November 1st, 2020. Additional information will be sent to you via email about this process.  Select programs include rental equipment in the lesson price, regardless of need. For older children, we offer the option to rent or you may provide your own equipment. Rental equipment is only available during the lesson and must be returned promptly at the end of each lesson for cleaning & sanitizing before we can rent to the next guest. You must re-rent equipment for other visits or lessons or to extend your time after your scheduled program lesson.


We will be managing the number of people inside our facilities in accordance with local regulations and guidelines.  Our facilities will be set up to allow for physical distancing. As the season approaches, we will be sharing specific details on the operations of the rental & retail shops. Enhanced cleaning & disinfecting will take place daily in all parts of our facility. All rental equipment will be fully disinfected between each guest’s use.


1.  Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
2.  People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
3.  You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible from above.
4.  Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
5.  Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
6.  Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
7.  Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely. 


Inherent risks of winter sports activities mean those risks which are listed in this agreement, or those that can be reasonably inferred there from. These risks are both obvious and necessary to these winter sports activities. These inherent risks include but are not limited to changing weather conditions; surface and/or subsurface snow conditions as they may from time to time exist and change or be affected by weather, skier or other participant usage, (weather such conditions are surface or subsurface or consist of ice, Hard pack, powder, packed powder, wind pack, corn, crust, slush, cut up snow, and/or machine made or machine enhanced snow); other conditions including bare spots, forest growth and debris; stumps and trees; stream-beds and other natural objects and/or collisions with such objects; collisions with lift towers, signs, hydrants used in snow-making or for other necessary purposes, whether or not these objects are padded or shielded; collisions with well-marked or plainly visible snow mobiles, snow grooming, and/or other over-snow vehicles or equipment; variation in steepness of terrain including but not limited to road and/or other terrain modification or variations in terrain that occur naturally or as the result of slope design, weather changes, snow making and/or snow grooming operation, or participant usage.

LOST & FOUND Items left unattended may be stolen or taken by mistake. Yawgoo will not be responsible for any items stolen or damaged property. You may file a lost item report in the office or complaint with the police department in case of stolen items. If you believe you have left behind an item, complete our lost & found form online at

PRIVACY POLICY Yawgoo Valley Ski Area shall not provide customer information to any third parties other than for the purposes of processing of payment.As a guest within our park, you may be filmed and/or photographed by a Yawgoo employee or contracted professional. Your entrance into the park serves as permission for use of your image or likeness captured in photos or video for marketing, social media promotional opportunities.We use photos to enhance the quality of our print materials, newsletters, the website, social media, publicity, and other related materials. Your safety & privacy is important to us so, if you wish to opt out of this policy please email us at with the date you intend to visit and contact information.